A suit is one of the most striking and effective tools any businessman can have. The suit you wear and how you wear to say a lot about you and your job. However, the accessories and additions you all have for your suit say a lot, too. You might have an excellent jacket, shirt and pants combination but do you have any of the following.





A watch is more than just a fashion statement. You might think that in an age of smartphones there is little need for a watch. You would be wrong. Checking your smartphone is rude and can also look like you are doing other things rather than just checking the time. Instead, if you check your watch, all you are doing is checking the time. A watch also says a lot about a person and the style of watch even more so. Having a watch is also useful for knowing the time when your phone has run out of battery. A decent watch can compliment a suit perfectly, and it serves a number of practical uses, too. You might want to get a few different watches as you may find that certain suits match your watch as well as others.




Gloves are excellent in winter. They keep your hands warm and go great with your suit. That is assuming that you have chosen the right kind of gloves. Woolen gloves and mittens are a complete no-go. They simply do not match the aesthetic you are going for. Instead, you want to have Dickie gloves. These are leather made and come in a range of colors to match whatever you are wearing. They are more than just styling and ensure that your hands are kept warm at all times. This is important if you need to shake hands with someone. You do not want to shake with freezing cold hands from walking through the snow to get to the office. Instead you want warm, confident hands that will help you to seal a deal.




Some people would argue that a necktie is an essential part of a suit and not an accessory. While you might always want to wear a necktie with a suit, not every situation will require it. However, when you do require a necktie be sure to have a good selection available as you want one that matching your current suit. You don’t want to wear the same one all the time and instead mix it up every now and again. When you tie your tie, you want to make sure that you do more than a simple slip knot. The neckties that look the best are done in a Windsor knot style; whether this a single, half or double depends on your tie and the effect, you are going for. Either way, when wearing a tie make sure that it is centered and not too long or short. Having a tie click can help keep it from flapping and getting in the way, too.