“Through storytelling, we discover the invisible lines of connection that drive relationships. Apply this to a variety of contexts – whether you’re interviewing for a job, promoting large-scale change, raising money, or sharing insights through your blog. It all comes down to telling a story that others can believe in.”Michael Margolis, founder of Get Storied — an education, advisory, and publishing company.

And here’s how you too can hone your skills on storytelling by participating in “The Reinvention Summit”. Find all about this summit through an interesting interview with Michael Margolis.

I recently heard about the World’s first Virtual Summit on the Future of
Storytelling! This is great – please tell us more about it and how we can attend

The Reinvention Summit is a 2-week virtual summit on the future of storytelling. It happens all online, Nov 11-22, 2010. The Summit include 30+ hours of storytelling insights, all recorded for playback. You’ll learn the fundamental role and techniques of storytelling in the career-building and personal branding process.

To attend the summit and get more info about it visit http://www.reinventionsummit.com/

What’s so special about it and what will a blogger learn from such a summit?
Also is this for someone who has is a newbie in blogging or an experienced blogger?

This event is for more than just bloggers — though bloggers, of all levels of experience — will feel right at home. The Summit is for anyone who cares about change, innovation, and reinvention – both in their personal careers and the organizations they work for. Narrative is the fundamental building block of this process. Understand the structure of storytelling, and you will take your blogging to new heights of impact.

Thanks to blogging, anyone and everyone can be a storyteller. Of course, getting people to pay attention to your big ideas, is another story. As most bloggers know, content is king. And the best content that makes a lasting impression is stories. So the Summit is designed to illuminate fresh perspectives on how narrative is core to blogging and career building.

Never before have hundreds gathered from around the world, around a digital campfire to engage with 30+ hours of strategic storytelling insights, and social networking. The Summit is gathering a new tribe of storytellers: change-makers, marketers, bloggers, creatives, and innovators – anyone who thinks storytelling is core to their work and mission. (The secret is, this stuff matters to everyone). Look at any successful blogger, thought-leader, or entrepreneur – and you will find someone who knows how to tell their story in a way that overs care about it.

Social media strategies for business and blogging are all over the place, how can one integrate storytelling in our daily social media interactions with clients and the audience in general?

Social media is relationship technology. And storytelling is our basic human technology for relationships. Through stories,  you communicate who you are, where you come from, and what you care about most. If its done well, you reveal something that others identify with and want to be a part of. That’s the key, to convey a story that’s not just your own, but something that’s relevant and relate-able to others. When you achieve that – the need to convince, persuade, or sell people on anything disappears.

This is why it’s so important to share with your audience more of your own back story. Help them understand what makes you tick and why you were born to do what you do today. That is your target of natural authority. And the sort of disclosure that supports and speeds up the trust-building process. Learn to tell the bigger story, and you’ll create more opportunities for yourself in the process.

To attend the summit and get more info about it visit http://www.reinventionsummit.com/