Working virtually and with teams from around the world is the norm of the 21st century workforce and with the world getting smaller and technology enabling the global workforce to collaborate from one end of a globe to another, the global workforce needs empowerment and the ability for a sustainable and effective interaction.
The new technology assists those looking for an efficient team work across the time zones and virtual interaction.
Here is a compilation of some not-so-new and some recent tools and services which enables complete mobility and connectivity to the global workforce – empowering them with better collaborations and making the best of the virtual workspace.
LogMeIn services provide on-demand, remote-connectivity and support solutions to small businesses, IT service providers and consumers.Businesses and IT service providers use LogMeIn’s solutions to deliver remote end-user support and to access and manage computers and other Internet-enabled devices more effectively and efficiently. Consumers and mobile workers use our solutions to access computer retargets remotely, thereby facilitating their mobility and increasing their productivity.

Similarly with GoToMyPC, you have the power to:

– Work on your office PC from home — in real time
– Travel anywhere and use your PC remotely
– Increase your work flexibility and productivity
– Access your files, programs, email and network
… with easy, secure access to your PC from any browser.

Virtual team meetings enables the workforce around the globe to interact 24-7. Some of the products which enable you to meet online and save money, time and travel are:

A product of WebEx enables you to connect with up to ten clients, colleagues, and team members any time, anywhere. Deliver engaging online sales presentations. Train coworkers and clients quickly and effectively. Share retargets with dispersed teams. Even solve remote clients’ technical issues by taking control of their PCs from wherever you are.

GoTo Meeting
GoToMeeting is a Web conferencing tool that allows you to meet online rather than in a conference room. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to organize and attend online meetings.

Adobe’s ConnectPro
– Enables attendees to jump into always-available personal meeting rooms — no scheduling or registration required.
– Share screens, use a whiteboard, chat, and videoconference — enjoy real-time interactions without the travel.
– Control meetings and related assets with robust management and reporting tools.

And now welcome to the world of 3D interaction. According to Sun’s website: On any given day, over 50% of Sun’s workforce is remote. MPK20 is a virtual 3D environment built using the Project Wonderland Toolkit. In this 3D world, employees can accomplish their real work, share documents, and meet with colleagues using natural voice communication. Just like on Sun’s physical Menlo Park campus, known as “MPK,” inhabitants of the virtual MPK20 office building can work together in planned meetings, or can talk informally in unplanned encounters. Unlike the physical campus, however, in MPK20, the community can be built and maintained without the constraints of physical location. Tixeo’s Meeting3D and WorkSpace3D
They are web conferencing and real-time collaborative work tools. They allow by using shared 3D workspaces, to communicate and work simultaneously on the same documents or applications. And now you have every reason why not traveling for business would be a cool thing. Check out Cisco On-Stage TelePresence Holographic Video Conferencing, see the video here: The ‘Cisco On-Stage TelePresence Experience’ was an ambitious collaboration between Cisco and Musion Systems, which took place during the opening of Cisco’s Globalization Centre East in Bangalore, India. Musion seamlessly integrated their 3D holographic display technology with Cisco’s TelePresence’s system to create the world’s first real time virtual presentation.