I can gaze into your eyes for hours together, many a times I fail to blink. I do not mind that at all, I can strain as much and would happily take on glasses or contacts but cannot think of a day when I do not look at you.
I want to take you home from work, but my wife does not like you. I sometimes sneak in around bedtime to my home office and look at you through my PC, just another hour with you completes the day’s work – I mean worth.

I wish to accessorize you with the latest adornments; I will save for you so you feel updated.
My laptop/ my computer, you are my sweetheart. You are the one with whom I spend most days and hours of my life – even more than that with my family and kids. Today with my hands in yours (keyboard) I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!

Is your sweetheart at your workplace too?