An industrial site needs professional security measures. Whether you’re starting an industrial business or joining one as an employee, this is crucial information.


It’s not only about safety… but it’s mostly about safety

Hazard-signsWhen people think about security at an industrial site, they usually think about elements similar to that of a construction site. They think of the primary danger, which is of that to somebody’s physical well-being. Security in an office, on the other hand, conjures up images of security against theft and computer viruses.


People should recognize that industrial businesses also need to protect themselves against theft. After all, if someone is on the site without permission, then they must be there for a specific reason. Most of the time, it’s very likely that the person is there to commit a crime. Your average industrial site will be filled with expensive equipment. And even the scrap metals that can often be found lying around are often stolen in order to sell to scrap yards.


But, ultimately, the biggest concern for an industrial business is safety. And it’s largely for safety reasons that security measures will be enforced. After all, as much as some would object, we do need to consider the safety of this would-be criminal. They’re on site without proper permission, training, or safety gear. It’s likely they’re going to injure themselves. And that’s the main reason you need to keep unauthorised persons away from an industrial site!


The need to recognize an employee on sight


People aren’t always caught in the act of breaking into an industrial site. Otherwise, they’d probably have been taken off of the property! No matter how strong you think the security measures are, you need to take the possibility of someone being on site into consideration. This is the best way to keep everyone safe.


With this in mind, it becomes a case of being able to look at someone and identify them as someone who doesn’t work there. This might seem simple enough; if you don’t recognize the face, then kick them out. Right? But industrial workers often see each other from quite a distance. It’s not always immediately obvious. That’s why it’s so crucial for industrial businesses to use industrial uniforms. (That and the safety reasons, of course!) The lack of such a uniform will alert workers straight away to the fact that someone needs to be taken away.


Monitoring inside and out



One of the biggest problems in this area is that industrial sites usually have several points of entry. You could, of course, always look into ways of strengthening the perimeter itself. But because it’s crucial for you to stop intruders getting in at all, the whole procedure may need more of a manual touch.

An industrial site should probably have professional security guards round the clock. That’s the best way to prevent someone while they’re in the act of breaking in. After all, the other employees are supposed to be busy doing, well, industrial stuff! That being said, the security guards can’t have their eyes on everything all the time.

So having CCTV tailored for industrial purposes is recommended.



Image credit: Wikipedia | Pixabay