Moissanite is a gemstone that is very similar to diamonds. It has many of the same properties, including hardness and durability. The main difference between Moissanite and a diamond is that while it has the same chemical composition as a diamond, it has a different structure. This makes it harder than a diamond and less susceptible to scratching.

Moissanite can be used to make engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces. To get the most value when shopping for engagement rings made of Moissanite, you need to consider several factors before buying anything. These include:

Ring Style

Many styles of moissanite engagement rings are available today, so choose one that matches your taste and lifestyle. Somae styles include:

  • Simple solitaire rings – The classic look of a simple moissanite engagement ring will always stay in style. These rings can come in many shapes, such as hearts, ovals, or rounds.
  • Halo settings – These look like a series of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone in a cluster setting. Halo settings make the center stone appear larger than it is, while still being surrounded by sparkle from all angles.
  • Diamond accent bands – A moissanite engagement ring with diamond accents can add some extra sparkle without breaking the bank if you’re on a budget or don’t want too much bling!

Ring Cut

The ring cut of a moissanite engagement ring is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a moissanite engagement ring. The size, shape, and cut of your moissanite engagement ring can greatly impact its appearance.

The brilliant round cut is the most popular choice for moissanite engagement rings. This allows maximum light refraction and brilliance for any given size. The round cut also works well with most styles of engagement rings, from traditional diamond-only designs to modern pave designs.

The princess cut is another popular choice for a moissanite engagement ring. It typically has more facets than its round counterpart, making it look bigger and more sparkly than its round counterpart.

A square or emerald-cut moissanite engagement ring also looks great! It’s also available in more sizes than other cuts because it has more facets than other cuts, so it can be made larger or smaller without losing clarity or brilliance! If you want something different, look into oval or heart-shaped moissanite rings! These are very flattering shapes that will fit beautifully with any style you like!


Choosing the right color for your engagement rings made of Moissanite is important because it’s often the first thing people notice about the stone. When choosing a stone, consider how you want it to look against your skin tone and clothing choices.

When buying a diamond, you have an almost endless choice of colors and hues. But when choosing a moissanite engagement ring, you have fewer choices. Moissanite comes in four main colors: blue, green, champagne, and peach/rose gold tones (also known as peach). While these colors have little variation, they can be mixed with other shades to create unique looks that suit your style.

The blue-green color range is one of the most popular among women who prefer this gem for their engagement rings. Blue-green tones make for great wedding bands or anniversary gifts as well!