This is a guest post by Tonya Towles 

The number of people working remotely is growing rapidly. It’s become the norm these days. This has led many homeowners (and apartment dwellers) to reconsider their living arrangements. Is it time to buy a new home?

Before making an offer and signing on the dotted line, a few factors should be considered to ensure that the new space will have the features necessary for a conducive remote work environment. The following often top the list:

1. Functional Office Space

Functionality has long been an important aspect of any home, as a living space must fit your current lifestyle for it to be functional. Today, a part of that functionality will include a dedicated office space that minimizes home life’s distractions while providing the room necessary to remain productive during the day. The potential new home may have a room in the house’s corner that could serve this purpose.

2. Dedicated Storage Space

Storage isn’t often a feature that comes to mind when looking for a home that will also serve as your office. But depending on your work, you may need to accommodate equipment and supplies in your office space. Routers, printers, samples, files, and even a desk chair (should the room have another purpose, like a guest room) are just a few items you might need to store.

3. Ample Outlets

“Not enough outlets” is a common problem for remote workers, especially those in older homes. If you’re buying a new house to gain dedicated office space, double-check the number of outlets available in a potential office and throughout the home. You may want a change of scenery occasionally, which leads us to the next feature.

4. Adaptable Workspaces

Looking at the same four walls every day can be a drain on productivity. While you can certainly take your work to a local coffee shop occasionally, there’s an added expense to this option and the potential for unneeded distractions. As you look at homes, ask yourself if other areas can serve as a secondary, if not tertiary, workspace.

5. Natural Light

Lighting affects productivity. It also affects mood. When looking for a new home with dedicated office space, ensure the room provides natural light. More importantly, consider how that natural light comes into the space. The sunlight hitting the computer screen doesn’t make for ideal working conditions.


This may not sound essential, but you want a view — greenery, at least. It can help with your productivity. Fortunately, many of the homes for sale in Fort Benning, GA, for example, can provide just that. As you walk around a potential new home, take in the views to see what you can see.

Working from home offers more than a few perks. It allows you to set your hours, work in your pajamas, and not deal with the morning commute. However, they can quickly fall by the wayside when your living space needs to be more conducive to working remotely. At the bare minimum, make sure you purchase a home that can offer dedicated office space. Otherwise, you may miss the days you commute to work.


About the Guest Post Author:

Tonya Towles is Expansion Network Owner at PCS Pro. PCS Pro is comprised of military spouses and veterans who are passionate about helping fellow military families and service members find their next home particularly if they are looking for homes for sale in Fort Benning, GA. With their expertise, you will have an endless amount of resources that have all the permanent change of station military information that you could ever need. Having done it themselves, they are familiar with the entire PCS military process and strive to help their clients navigate the process with as little stress as possible.