Any of these statements resonates with your thoughts?
  • Ah Monday morning, another day, another start to a week, the 9-5 that I would rather not be in!
  • I am just not performing to the best of my abilities at work? I could do more but my boss just does not understand.
  • I feel stuck in this job, with no desire to better my performance, just another day at work.
  • Nothing at work excites me now, it is a routine. Well, you are not alone; in fact you could be with the majority! In a survey conducted by TNS in 2004, the firm uncovered these disturbing results:

    • 40 percent of workers feel disconnected from their employers.
    • 66 percent of workers do not identify with or feel motivated to drive their employer’s business goals and objectives.
    • 25 percent of employees are just “showing up to collect a paycheck.”
    The point is, most of the workers are in a job that they’d rather not be in.

    The Role of HR
    Many cubicle dwellers to whom I have put up this questions say that the HR in their respective companies are not helping them much in getting “unstuck”. Now some of the questions that arise are:

    • How much does / can or should the HR retargets at your place of work help in getting you unstuck or providing you the tools to find your way out of an uninspiring job?
    • How much are you responsible for your own moves and decisions?
    If you blame the HR and the management for not doing much to help you be in a position that you would not rather be in, then you are lost and probably will be stuck where you are for a long time.
    Who is the best person to get you unstuck – YOU and only you.
    The Steps towards Identifying your “Stuck” Situation
    • Before you blame your manager or anyone else, take a few minutes to evaluate your situation, it could be YOU. Assess the situation by drilling deep into the issue – WHY do you feel stuck? What situation or circumstances are leading you towards feeling stuck in the job?
    • If you feel you could address the situation better by talking to your manager, rather than just brooding on it yourself, would it be better if you just talked to your manager or supervisor and get his / her viewpoint?
    • Don’t just ponder on questions and solutions to what makes you unhappy in the present situation. Perhaps the right and the best solutions lie in questioning ourselves positively. Ask yourself – What must I do to feel satisfied and fulfilled in the present job or moving beyond to achieve the success and fulfillment I seek in my career?
    Always be proactive about your career and revisit often your future vision of a successful and satisfying career.
    Would you have some stories to share if you had felt stuck in your job at some time in your career and how you managed to wriggle out to a better and satisfying career path? please comment.