Freedom from fear – fear liberates you to endless possibilities.

This post is about how I have overcome the “fear” of moving my blogger hosted blog to my own domain; but first I want to take time to sincerely thank you – the readers for your continued support and participation on this blog. THANK YOU READERS and visitors I deeply appreciate you taking time to read, comment and reach out to me in the last four years of Satisfying Career- Happier Life blog. I seek your support through this transition and I hope you will reach out to me and provide your valuable feedback and comments on all future posts of the blog.

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Freedom from Fear
In my observation the stepping stones to overcoming fear are knowledge and risk; we have to work hard to attain both these essential tools to help vanquish fear.

Why knowledge? Of all the fears that we fear most is the one of the unknown – the “ifs” and “buts” which in reality may not even exist. Knowledge is the key weapon to use to obliterate fear. It is the preparation step – preparation to beat fear. Gain the knowledge to understand the reasons of your doubts or trepidation and you will discover that most of them are unfounded or not so formidable anymore.

Why risk? Knowledge is power – but without action it is of little worth. Unless and until you commit to taking a risk you would not be able to conquer fear. Risk is the action step. Act to overcome fear. You cannot expect things to change or be different if you continue to do what you do – you have to take the risk to evaluate if the change can be for the better and does it accelerate you towards your goals.

All this in my context was just to get over the fear of moving my blog to my own hosted domain (instead of blogger). My fears were – my readers might not like or accept the change, my blog traffic would suffer, readers are used to the look and feel of the blog, and my own “unknown” fear – what if it does not go as I want it to.

For more than a year I have delayed the process of moving my blog to my domain and the main reason was of course, fear. As I say above, the two step process to snub fear were gaining knowledge to understand that most of my fears are not true – there are ways to keep the traffic and redirect from the blogger blog (Thanks to all those wonderful guidelines on the internet, I followed mostly Amit of Digital Inspiration) and the strength to take the risk to see what the new change brings in.

And then there is this last very important step which ensures sustainability to any project or idea – faith. The faith that I have in myself and the readers – to you who have been the reason of the continuity of this blog. Without the readers there would be not much reason to be excited to put up that latest employment news and to inspire if no one is listening. I thank you all again for your continued support and I hope I will prove to be a valuable retarget to all your career needs and issues.

Please note:

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I seek your approval, support and comments on the new look and feel of the blog, which articles will benefit you the most and please contribute to the CAREERBRIGHT blog as you wish – I welcome guest articles and also feedback on published posts and ideas for new ones.
I look forward to hearing from you.

To your satisfying career and happier life – my best wishes always!
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