• How many times do you find that you check your personal cell phone for work messages while at home?
  • Do you find yourself distracted by the latest YouTube video when you should be working?
  • Or you’re struck with FOMO – the fear of missing out that makes you constantly check on social media accounts to keep up with the latest going on?

Many workers find that working from home or remotely is leading to huge issues when balancing their digital devices and technology at the tips of their fingers. Those who are having these balance issues are finding that they are often working when they should be relaxing, losing out on personal relationships and often feeling as though they do nothing other than work. The key to managing your work and personal life is to find a digital balance!

Healthy Ways to Create Balance

Just how much time do you spend on employee communication that has nothing to do with work? How do you The infographic showcases just how much time is spent on “communication” that is in no way connected to the work itself, which is a huge issue! So, how can you create balance?

  1. Set times for when you will be doing work…and do not work outside of these times. This can be something that takes practice to stick to. Everyone has been in a situation in which they hear their cell beep with an incoming message from a client that says urgent. Let your clients/employers know your normal work hours and only work in those hours.
  2. While working do not get sidetracked, since this means that you are not really working. Too many times it can be easy to get lost down the path of watching the latest YouTube videos if someone were to send a link to you via email of something that is a must see.
  3. Use time tracking software to showcase how active you are while working and it can also hold you accountable since you know that you are being monitored. There are tons of free ones available to be downloaded to your computer and turned on when you are working so that you can also know that you are being productive.
  4. Remember, that even if you work remotely or from home, breaks are still needed. While working in a professional office, breaks are often factored in. However, when you are not in this office, you may not be taking these breaks as much as you can, which can lead to digital overload!
  5. Have an innovative digital transformation and use the right tools for your work that is not only going to make you competitive on the market, but also helps you to get the work done.
  6. Talk to others who may be in the same type of situation. There is nothing like being able to voice your concerns and problems that you are having with someone that has the same issues. It can be a great way to relieve steam and also find even more innovative ways on how to deal with this. Maintaining the social networks that you have, not just those digital ones like Facebook, is going to help ensure an overall healthier attitude towards working.

Finding balance is hard, and it is not going to happen overnight. However, for those who dedicate themselves to finding balance will find that their work and personal lives will both blossom.