A career coach, or job coach, is a career expert professional who can help you in many ways. A career coach can bring out the best in you by helping you build your foundation, find the perfect job, build and grow a rewarding and successful career.

In this post, you’ll learn how a career coach can help you in the long run. A little help and guidance can go a long way in helping you land a rewarding career and attain the job of your dreams.


A Career Coach Can Help Build Your Foundation

If you’ve been a stay-at-home homemaker for quite a while, stepping back into the workforce can be challenging. Most often than not, transitioning from household chores to looking for a day job can be stressful. You might also find it difficult to make any progress in your job hunt, especially with a career gap in your resume. Some career and job search guidance can help you get back on track.

For fresh graduates, there are a lot of opportunities to land a job. A career coach can help you by teaching you job interview tips, conducting mock-up interviews, and how to write a compelling cover letter and resume. By learning these things, you can build an excellent foundation to help kickstart your career.

Here are some ways that a career coach can help you when it comes to building a solid career foundation:

  • A good career coach will help you build your self-confidence through sample interview sessions and provide objective feedback on your performance.
  • A professional will be there to check, supervise, and prepare you for your big role. Coaches review paperwork and monitor what you’re doing or missing out toward attaining your career goals.
  • You’ll be given expert advice on the next steps you need to do. These include taking online courses or lessons to fill gaps in skills and knowledge required for landing your dream job.

Assist in Your Career Development Plan

A career coach educates and empowers you, so you can take charge or have control of your career path. Also, career coaching can promote career growth and enhance your personal development. A career coach also helps if you’re staggered in one position for many years.

Here are sample questions you can ask yourself that’ll influence your decision to undergo career coaching:

  • How do I feel about my career?
  • Do I feel I’ve reached my full potential?
  • Do I love going to work?
  • Am I appropriately compensated for the job I do?
  • What are my short-term and long-term career goals?
  • Do I feel there’s something a lot better for me out there?
  • Is my career aligned with my values?

If you have doubts or concerns about yourself, your abilities, and your skills, talking to a career coach can help a lot.

Resume and Portfolio Development 

Your resume plays an important role in landing a job. Instead of using a resume scanning software that reviews your applications before submission, it’s best to hire a career coach who’ll do the job. It’s high time to hire someone who can double check your CV or resume and formulate a good game plan to start and build your career.

Here are the advantages of hiring a career coach who can help you find your dream career:

  • A career coach understands the hiring or recruitment process, avoiding the endless rounds of “We will call you”or “Apply now,” that most people endure.
  • You deserve a rewarding career, and a good career coach can help you with setting your goals and action planning.
  • Whether your goal is to find a higher paying job, earn a promotion, spend more time at home, feel more connected to your career, get an offer, or ace a first-time job interview, reduce your stress by hiring a career coach.

Help You Make Smart Career Decisions

Job transition can be stressful and challenging. Many people prefer to stay and endure a job they don’t like because of fear. A career coach provides expert advice for major career decision you make. A career coach will help you avoid choosing the wrong option, that is, an option that’ll leave you frustrated, disappointed, or depressed at the end.

Here are some of the examples of major career decisions people need expert advice:

  • Giving up an office job for a home-based job
  • Giving up your day job to become a full-time, hands-on business owner
  • Giving up your local job (that pays well) to grab an opportunity abroad
  • Giving up your high-level corporate position to be a full-time mother


You might not fully realize the importance and value of career coaching in your life. Also, you might think that it’s just a waste of money because you can search for tips or video tutorials online without spending. However, career coaching is a sound investment for your future. It saves you time, money, and effort in submitting countless resumes, interviews, and job changes. Career and job satisfaction is a crucial reason for happiness in life. We spend most of the hours in our lives working, it’s worthwhile to be happy and content with what we do. Keep striving to find your happy place!