A huge segment of this country’s working population feels like they are stuck in a job that’s going nowhere. If you’re in this segment, it can be tough to stay motivated at work. Whether it’s the monotony of your day-to-day responsibilities, or you simply feel like you aren’t being challenged enough, it can be very tough to keep your head up if you feel like you’re not going anywhere, career-wise. One way to pick yourself back up and get motivated again is to go back to school to better your career. Whether you spend nights in a classroom or choose an online education, there are numerous benefits to continuing education while you’re employed full time.


New Challenge – back to school feeling 

One benefit to going back to school to get a better degree while you’re working is that it takes your mind off work. If you’re stressed out at work and feel like you’re never going to move up the career latter, furthering your education is a great way to relax while still bettering yourself. While of course there will be stressful moments during exams or while studying some intense material, you’ll find that returning to your education will make you relax at work a bit.


New goals and milestones – adds to motivation

It can be hard to stay motivated at a job that you don’t love, and even if you enjoy your job you might find yourself unmotivated at times. Getting a new degree will no doubt keep you motivated as you’ll be working towards an achievable goal. You might not have an achievable goal to work towards at your job, aside from a raise or promotion, so having a clear cut goal that you know is achievable will get you through the day. Once you get that degree, you’ll feel so accomplished and proud of yourself, not to mention there will be some better opportunities for you in the future.


New Skills – keep moving forward

Often times, having a degree could be the difference between moving up in your career field and not. If you add another degree to your portfolio, your employer will likely see your dedication to your job and reward you with more responsibilities and a better title (not to mention a substantial pay raise).

In addition to all the other benefits, getting a new degree while you’re working full time for a company opens doors to other industries and jobs. If you already have a degree but are interested in taking your career to the next level, even getting an associates degree in a different area will offer you more opportunities. Combining two degrees means you’ll make more money and have more job offers. The more education you have, the better chance you have of being the target of a company rather than you targeting a company.


Rise in self-esteem

Regardless of all the above, getting another degree will make you feel better about yourself, and believing in yourself will make you strive for higher goals. Getting another degree won’t ever have a negative effect on your career, and will only lead to positive things.


What has been your experience and achievements if you are on the path to continuing education?


About the guest post author:

Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer and currently considering an online degree program with Western International University online.