Some people consider Latin to be a dead language, but little do they know that it’s still alive even in the current vocabulary today. It might not be spoken in regular conversations, but its derivatives are still being used in “regular” English.

The study of Latin can be extremely beneficial for people who want to achieve career advancement and growth in their fields. In this article, we take a look at why someone should learn Latin in order to further their career.

Demonstrates the Affinity for Learning

There aren’t a lot of people who would choose to learn Latin in today’s age, but having it on anyone’s resume indicates the person’s affinity for learning and history. Language skills are something that stands out to potential employers as well, and knowing a language, such as Latin, jumps out on a resume. Thus, to have Latin as one of the known languages in one’s resume indicates that the person is well-learned.

A well-learned individual is someone who can rise in the ranks since a lot of companies look for people who have an affinity for lifelong learning because it demonstrates their teachability.

How exactly does Latin imply being well-learned? Learning Latin opens the learner to a wide variety of literature, which enhances the learning experience of many people because it allows them to appreciate books and works written in an age where English was not the mainstay language.


Better Communication

This holds for people who have careers in communication and in the academe. The beauty of Latin is that it forms about almost half of the English language. In fact, half the words that we encounter on a daily basis have their roots in Latin.

By studying the language, one can ascertain and dissect the real meaning of words. This provides an intellectual study on the etymological definition of certain words. Furthermore, it doesn’t only allow the student to study the subject scientifically, but it makes them an effective communicator in the workplace.

Latin is a language that’s focused on making people better communicators because it’s precise in its use of words. There’s a tendency for people who are studying the language to be more accurate with the language that they use.

In today’s age, there’s a benefit to being an efficient and precise communicator, especially in the workplace. It allows you to be able to engage people with ease and to be more accurate with the things that one says. Being an effective communicator helps you with marketing, public relations and even most corporate jobs. Most importantly, it allows you to bring your ideas forward in a more consistent manner.

Even the study of English grammar is enhanced during the investigation of Latin because there are a lot of foundational forms of grammar that people can benefit from.


It’s The Language of Law and Theology

A lot of the legal terminology that we have today can be traced back to the Roman world – where Latin was used as the language of laws and government.

Words such as habeas corpus and subpoena are all Latin in origin and have stemmed from legal frameworks that we still use in modern governance and the justice system today.

A student of law or someone who’s already in the legal industry will be able to enhance their knowledge and synthesis of legal foundations through the study of Latin.

Students of theology will also find that Latin can enhance their experience with their subject. A lot of writing in theology was written in the language, and it allows the reader to appreciate particular types of theological literature in its non-translated forms.

Latin opens a lot of doors for theology and law students that want to take their learning to the next level. It also helps lawyers, historians, and theologians get better opportunities to study and advance their careers.



Calling Latin a dead language is the least accurate statement and presumption about one of the most beautiful languages that have ever existed. It forms the foundation of the English language as we know today, and without it as a basis, we might not have the words we take for granted today.

No doubt, learning this excellent language will allow you to advance in any career. If one is pursuing a career in communication, they can easily use it to gain a comparative advantage. And, it’s important to note that it looks good on your resume, and everyone knows that a good resume is critical.