Emails, meetings, phone, colleagues, noise, and all are often cited as the main cause of distractions at work. However, there’s one more factor that needs to be addressed if you’re losing focus at work – it’s what’s happening at home! Your mind could be at unease if you are in office and worried about safety of your home or a nanny taking care of your kids or pets alone at home. Often distractions by colleagues and meetings are not the primary distractions that reduce worker productivity.

Here are a few steps you can take that can help you switch on a distraction-free mode and not worry about what’s happening at home.

Worried about Pets Alone at Home

Though few offices are opening up to bringing pets at work, but there are distractions associated with it as well. There are some ways you can ensure that your pets are safe and happy at home. Watching over them from the security camera and making sure they are well fed. Healthy Chews is one option to consider when choosing healthy eating for your pets.

Home Security

The connected technology is helping us a lot in staying in touch with what’s happening around and even monitoring real time as things happen. Invest in a good home monitoring system or just motion sensing cameras in and around your home and at frontdoor. Instant notifications alert you on any motion detected or can be helpful in just monitoring around when you find a few free minutes. However, don’t make that an obsession!

 Train you Mind

Once you have the urgent and stress-inducing issues taken care of, it is just a matter of training your mind to stay focused at work. None of the above remedies will matter if you are on your phone checking on your home camera or getting distracted by each and every notification. Smartphones no doubt are a big distraction, learn how to limit usage time at work. According to a Udemy report, nearly 3 out of 4 workers (70 percent) admit they feel distracted when they’re on the job, with 16 percent asserting that they’re almost always distracted. The problem is biggest for Millennials and Gen Zers, with 74 percent reporting feeling distracted. (Source

distraction at work

Staying focused at work is directly proportional to your and your company’s productivity. Act and get your home well-equipped so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening there when you are at the office or travelling for work.