What seemed like a two week period of being confined to the boundaries of your home at first, has now extended to what feels like an eternity. Let’s knock on wood here, though; we’d rather take what we got now than somehow actually ending up sitting at home for two more years, and judging by how the situation is still drastically evolving; it wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise anymore.

The pandemic has shifted the way we approach certain aspects of life, giving us an appreciation of things we haven’t paid much attention to before and letting us acknowledge what’s truly important and what isn’t as crucial as we thought. 

However, during the time we spend at home, most of us can admit that the extra time on our hands sometimes left us with a mental question mark regarding what we should do with the spare time granted or a means to earn some income if you were laid off from work and searching for a new one. So maybe now’s a time to monetize those extra few hours we have and make the most out of this period of our lives!

We made a list of the best jobs to approach if you’re considering generating an additional income target during the current times.

Voice Over Jobs

You’d be surprised how many jobs in voice overs there are currently available on the market. It might have something to do with the fact that more people are staying in and thus have the extra time to indulge in their favorite podcasts or audiobooks. Either way, this is a perfect opportunity for you to give your voice a… paycheck! Yes, we mean it; various companies are looking for people with a distinctive voice to vocalize e-books, advertisement scripts, or even video games. 

If you possess some language skills and can translate between several languages, don’t forget to add it to your resume. In the world of vocal recordings, it will undoubtedly work in your favor, as companies might just be looking for someone with a voice like yours. The added opportunity for you to translate content into another language will make you stand out so much more! 


If writing has always been your passion, then it’s a great time to monetize your god-given skills and write while making money in the process. Numerous companies will offer you monetary compensation for pieces you write for their blogs or clients, and if writing is something that comes easy to you, now’s a great time to turn it into more than a hobby, and make it help you pay your bills!

This freelance activity will not only gain you an extra income target during this pandemic but will be able to make you grow on a personal level- and earn you a great professional experience to your resume! 

Sell Your Stuff Online

The pandemic has not only given us a great reason to declutter our homes, but it has also allowed us to make some money in the process. No one likes to live in a cluttered space, surrounded by items we didn’t even know we had. Why not sell all that unnecessary stuff, breathe new life into it, and make some money while at it!

Numerous websites enable you to sell your old stuff, and as they say, one man’s trash is another one’s treasure, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get rid of the majority of the stuff that is cluttering your home. It’s also a great idea to give your closet a little makeover! Organize the things you may no longer wear, and make extra money by selling them on websites such as eBay or Vestiaire collective. This will allow you to make space for newer items, let go of memories associated with the pieces you want to let go of and make that extra income simultaneously. 

Capitalize on In-Demand Businesses 

Have you ever considered opening your own business but never had the time to take that step? Well, what better of a time than now! If we have to spend the extra hours anyway, we might as well spend it in a worthwhile manner. Opening and running your business undoubtedly counts as time well-spent. 

With numerous businesses in demand currently, such as cleaning services, or e-education, you can put your business skills to the test and capitalize on these in-demand markets. So make that step forward, and invest the knowledge you already possess into opening something that may just make you the extra income in the long run.



Whether you want to give voice podcasts a try, or maybe you want to remember 2020 as the year you started your own business, the choice is yours. Just remember to take advantage of the current situation and the opportunity you may find because of it. Remote working is the new normal, so why not begin doing something that you may love, which will simultaneously provide an extra income target for you. Let’s be honest here — everybody loves it when that extra paycheck comes through!