Passing your licensure exams is one of those milestones that you need to surpass to get started with your career. It can be a stressful challenge for many people. You might be raking your brain wondering if you’re going to pass and what techniques you must implement to succeed. At times, you might even second-guess your abilities. 

The key to passing licensure exams is finding the right retargets that will help you on the path to success. This requires time and commitment on your part. Here are some pointers on how to increase your chances of passing your licensure exams:


Find Relevant Study Retargets 

Studying every single material from when you first began your course to your current level is a near-impossible task. Even if you try to do so, there will always be material that you might leave out. Your approach to studying should be strategic, productive, and relevant. Various online study platforms can assist you in creating strategic study plans. Finding one that keeps you engaged and productive will make your study sessions less daunting and anxiety-inducing. 

The Daily NCLEX challenge is a strategic and engaging method of studying that you may enjoy. Here are some of the top reasons why retargets like this are beneficial:

  • After subscribing, you’ll receive daily emails containing challenging questions that students in the past have struggled with. Depending on the package that you sign up for, you get access to the correct answers, accompanied by in-depth explanations and solutions. 
  • These comprehensive answers ensure authentic understanding and analysis. You can walk into that exam with your head held high, knowing that your mind contains genuine expertise instead of crammed answers. The knowledge that you get from such platforms goes beyond the exam room and prepares you for your life after passing the licensure exams. 
  • Most of these platforms provide a range of prizes as you move up the challenge board. Not only do you get to prepare for your exams and for your subsequent career, you also receive some virtual rewards as a result of your determination and commitment. 


Be Mentally Prepared

A lot of people underestimate the power of the mind. The words that you speak to yourself can create the reality that you experience. If, during the days and moments leading up to the exam, you continuously second-guess your ability to pass, you’ll eventually talk yourself out of preparing for it. This can, in turn, lead to procrastination. 

Make sure your mind is in the right space, which requires different methods and techniques for different people. You should wholeheartedly believe that you can pass these exams and become qualified to practice in your discipline. Never doubt yourself. More importantly, you need to allocate time, effort and commitment while also practicing self-discipline.  


Participate in Study Groups 

Some people work better in group settings, while others prefer to work by themselves. If working in groups is your preferred setting, try to participate in the daily challenges with your colleagues. When you receive your daily question, you can each take turns sharing and discussing the questions and answers. 

Form an online study group chat so that you can conveniently do the challenges in the comfort of your home. You can also take advantage of the free time that you get during your work or school days. Get together for a few minutes and share the different challenges that you’ve been working on. 


Engage with Students Who Passed 

Discuss the exam with those that have taken it before you. These professionals can share the challenges that they’ve faced during exam preparation and on the exam day itself. They can share their ideas on how they would have better handled the prep work. In doing so, you can implement their study techniques and fare better during the test. 

Furthermore, find out if it’s possible to shadow nurses on duty who are already practicing after passing the same exam. There are hospitals and clinics that allow shadow work to take place. You might find that learning on the job is an engaging and practical way to prepare for your exams. You get to learn by observing the nurses as they interact and work with patients and colleagues. You might even come across questions that require on-the-job experience and training. 


Revisit Your Study Materials

Studying for your licensure exam is a process that requires concentration, time and dedication. The materials that you need to go through are dense and detailed. It’s possible to become overwhelmed by the information. It’s also easy to forget or mix up the content you’ve studied. Make sure to continuously revisit the study material as the day of the exam draws near. 

It’s also a good idea to recheck the daily questions that you received at the beginning of your study process as part of your refresher study session. If you decide to participate in study groups, make sure that a few of the sessions are solely for revisiting the content that you’ve already dealt with. The more you revisit your materials, the more the information sinks in.


Relax During The Exams

You shouldn’t let your nerves get the best of you while taking the exam. Don’t let yourself fail because of anxiety and panic. Take deep breaths before and during the exam. Believe in yourself and be and be confident that that can complete the exam successfully. 

The licensure exam is the defining moment of your entire academic career. Don’t miss it because of anxiety and exam nerves. However, if you suspect you may be suffering from chronic anxiety or depression, seek professional guidance.


Passing your licensure exams requires dedication and a level of discipline as well as commitment. There are retargets available such as the daily NCLEX challenge, which can help students study materials strategically. Participate in the challenge by yourself or with your colleagues. 

Talk to former students who’ve experienced the road you’re currently on. Remember to continuously revisit the study materials to improve your memorization skills and reduce anxiety. Above all, condition yourself mentally to avoid procrastination and poor performance.