When you’re managing a business, you will soon discover that traveling with your employees will sometimes occur. Business travels might happen for a variety of reasons — it can be a team-building event or a meeting with your business partners. No matter the reason, business travel is essential for your company.

That said, planning a business trip is a complex puzzle on its own, thus making you feel dread every time you need to travel. Luckily for you, you can do something to mitigate the stress of planning a business trip and make the occasion easier for everyone on your team. 

The following are a few words of advice that you can follow. 

Rent a Corporate Apartment

Corporate apartments such as some of these Pasadena apartments are already furnished, so potential tenants don’t have to worry about hauling their own furniture.

Because of this, renting a corporate apartment will definitely make things easier for you and your employees when you have to travel. Even better is that corporate housing can be found everywhere. There are many corporate apartments in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and many more places all over the country. As a result, you won’t experience much trouble looking for one near your destination. 

Be the One to Prepare All the Travel Details

Since your employees will be going with you for the business travel, it’s a bad idea to just let everyone book their own tickets. All of you will have different times for departure and arrival, some of you might encounter problems on the day of the travel, and others are probably struggling to afford tickets in the first place.

Because of this, it’s ideal that only one will book the tickets, and it’s even better if that person is you. If you’re the one booking everyone’s travel details, complications are less likely to occur.

Make an Itinerary or Schedule — And Stick to It

In order to avoid getting sidetracked and losing more money than is necessary, you need to make an itinerary or schedule — basically, some sort of guidelines — that your team will follow. And you need to ensure that all of you will actually stick to the guidelines. 

Exploring the city you’re currently in is tempting, but beware that you might spend and go out of your budget if you decide to go on an unplanned trip to a park or any other recreation site. Traveling for business is already a heavy expense — don’t add more unnecessary costs to that pile. 

Prioritize Everyone’s Safety

Traveling to a new city is thrilling, but it can also be terrifying. Since you’re new to the place, you and your employees might be susceptible to pickpockets, creeps, and other criminals in the area. 

Because of this, you have to make sure that everyone in your team will be safe the entire time. This means that if you’re renting corporate apartments, you should make sure that the building and the neighborhood are secure and safe. And when they express discomfort or unease, you should listen to them and take the issues seriously. 

Your employees are the backbone of your company. They help your business grow and succeed. And so, it is only right that you look out for them and keep them safe when you have to travel. 

Reward Your Employees

In a similar vein as the suggestion above, you should continue to show appreciation for your employees by rewarding them for coming with you during the business travel. Traveling is incredibly exhausting, so it only makes sense that they get a bonus for helping you out. 

Additionally, rewarding them will also incentivize your employees to continue helping the company grow. In other words, giving your employees a bonus for traveling with you provides a win-win situation. 


Business travels are essential for your company’s growth and development, but they can be really burdensome. For that reason, you need to do something to make the process easier for everyone.

The tips mentioned above should be able to help you with this regard. So, read them, and implement them for your next travels.