I recently talked about how to manage your schedule post layoff and one of the main topics there was to focus on to make your skills marketable or acquiring a new skill set.

In an article in Daily Times PA, an uneasy observation was:
“One trend we are seeing is that the economy is cutting into a lot of long-term employees,” said Mirarchi. “The really sad thing is they don’t have the skills to be marketable today.”

If this is true worldwide, it is time to review your skills and find the best possible solution to enahnce your current skill-set whether you are employed or unemployed.

Some tips on how to make your skills marketable:

Knowing is the first step – always
. Research market trends, read between the lines on what the new government policies are and where the funding is going, and what your leaders are saying about the new job scenario – all such reports are pointers to what lies ahead. Take time to research before jumping in to any free or paid training sessions. Some insightful steps might help you in the long-run.

Your stepping stones to a successful research are not only the internet websites and advice but must come straight from the industry experts and most funded projects. Talk to industry experts, to the hiring managers to a mentor or a career expert, read trade journals and latest news and try your best now to “know” and not be left behind standing on the shore when the boat leaves the harbor.

Enhance Skill-Set

With a practical plan and the right kind of tools you can build anything. Your skills are your tools and your marketing statement. With a good foundation in research for the right path, you can plan on acquiring the right skill set suited to your vision of your next job. Your full-time job might not have enabled you with new marketable skills, now is the time, use and manage your time well.

Market Market Market
You are how you market yourself. When the job market finally opens up and people have been diligent there would be a tough competition prepare now to meet the expectations later down the road. And of course with the right kind of skills you have what it takes, hey wait, another equally important skill you must possess is in sales and marketing – yourself. What is your elevator pitch? Why should the company hire you? What makes you special than the other candidate? You might not land a job tomorrow or the week after but if you prepare now, you will eventually get what you want or perhaps more.