A deadline at your workplace is round the corner and you are at pressure to complete the task in the next two weeks. Did you just think: “I’ll work this weekend and get done with it”?
If you thought so, you are not alone; many office dwellers are working on weekends to ‘compensate’ for work overload and then there are the work-addicts and the multitaskers.

Want and Have
There are two aspects of working weekends: one that you want to work and the other that you have to work.
Want is more for the love, obsession and excitement of the work that you do. Have is more towards meeting a deadline, pressure or extra monetary benefits.
The reasons may differ but the point is that you are working on a day ‘supposed’ to be spent away from work. Often continuous work leads to stress; stress affects performance and the overall result that you seek from work.
When you say yes to a lot of things in life, you say no to others, it is up to you to decide which to choose.

The Upsides and Downsides of a Working Weekend
One of the upsides of a working weekend is you are at home and working and not at the mall and spending money so perhaps some money saved. Another probability is you might cook at home and not eat out and that retains some more bucks in your pocket.

The downside, of course you are missing out on the ‘life beyond work’. As has been always said, when you are on your deathbed would you regret more not getting on that project deadline 25 years before or not finding time to spend with your little ones and they grew up so fast and now so detached from you?
Working weekends can become a habit if you fall in the trap of getting more done; there will always be work and it will never be done. Does this sound familiar – it was just another weekend and with no deadlines, I could have stepped away from the computer but had failed to notice that now it is my addiction to continuous work that I inadvertently opened my laptop and saw that of course there were some other tasks I could do to get a head start on the next week..

If you are one of those addicted to working weekends, question yourself first:
Are you working today because you enjoy work or has it now become and addiction? Checking emails, social networking and blogging lure us from our family time and into the cyberspace; what are you losing out on being online today?

Exceptions apart – Move Away from Work during Weekends
Don’t make work your obsession, make it a part of your life and with everything else in life ensure that you try to give some time to each activity that you love and that is important to you. Agreed, there is a lot of work and pressure but look back and see when was there not? Take time to step out and do things that mean more to you than work.
The time we invest on things that matter to us now will matter to us in future, don’t fall in the trap “Honey, it’s just this weekend. I’ll stay away from work the next one.”
Of course there will be some exceptions and we have to put in something extra at times to get so far, but don’ t make it a habit and we can do it by making a conscious effort of reminding us when we do.

Often I hear people justifying their working weekends by saying that they are good multitaskers, they can be at work and also do the chores at home and spend time with family. For them, I would like to share this a adapted excerpt from macronews.com:

A CEO was having a conversation with his 10 year daughter. He was focused on several things as he listened to her speak. She soon realized that she didn’t have her father’s complete attention. “No dad,” she reproached. “I want you to listen with girl ears.”
In today’s fast paces world, multitasking has become the norm. We read our emails while listening to our voicemails, talk on our cell phones while paying for the groceries, write a report while watching our kids soccer game.
We believe that we’re making the most efficient use of our time. But how much information do we fail to process when we’re not engaged in any one activity? If we are too busy to give our undivided attention to a loved one, neighbors, or colleague, are we too busy to care?

Do you work on weekends and if so, do you enjoy working on weekends?
What would you do if you did not work and turn on the computer for 2 consecutive days?