Holidays are just round the corner and that means you have to wrap up work for some quality family time.

But wait, I really don’t think I can live without checking my emails, or knowing that everything is fine at work without me, work is just part of me. Well, if that is you, here are some awesome tips on how to “sneak out” of family time during vacation.

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  • Standing in the line at Disneyland, SeaWorld or whichever land or world? Now’s the time to unload your pockets – from one get a couple of lollipops out for your little dollops so they can stand without whining and crying and from the other dish out your iPhone, Android or Nexus out and start checking emails/ Facebook or Twitter or any document that you need to work on.

Aww..You just lost out on the wonderful time with your lil ones just now!It was a perfect time for you to talk about the stories of your childhood, about your experiences on your holiday outings when you were a kid or just learn about their excitement as they wait for the next show or adventure ride. But hey that’s trivial isn’t it? The emails and document update just cannot wait another week – that would be so unprofessional on your part! Tsk tsk – get back to your wireless devices now, there’s no use wasting more time when time is begin already wasted standing in long lines!

  • The family wants to spend a day at the beach, oh no what if there is no Wi-Fi access there? Check out the top 10 beaches with Wi-Fi access here. If you’re not on one of them, time to persuade your family for a swim at the hotel pool, well at least you’d be ‘connected’ there!

There’s plenty of upside to this plan, your laptop or other devices don’t get sand on them, the probability of losing them on the beaches is higher and you don’t have to drive that much. It’s not a big deal if the kids are fretting on the worst vacation ever – they need to understand you don’t get all. Hey, you’re getting a large swimming pool, a heated Jacuzzi you can’t ask for more, how many kids even get that! There you go now you have some great convincing skills up your sleeves.

If the sarcastic overtones of this article have not been a deterrent to your sneak out & work plans for the vacation then please do share more tips by commenting below.