Do you hear such questions ring in your mind?

  • Why can’t I do this right?
  • Why did it happen this way, if only I had …?
  • There are so many things to do today, I don’t think I can do all of them.

I think, right now somewhere someone’s brain (or many of us) is working on these pressurizing and self-deprecating questions.

For once, let’s start thinking on these questions:

  • I think out of these three things, I am sure I can do the first two.
  • Oh, something went wrong here, no problem, I learnt a lot today. I shall do this to make it right again.
  • There are so many things to today. I might not be able to do everything all at once, but perhaps if I prioritize a few, I shall be able to get some of them off my list right now.

How does that sound? Uplifting for sure.
Positive thinking can make us see through anything, any situation. And what energy we feel when we say to ourselves – I know I can do it!

Shweta L Khare
July 2006