Welcome to my blog. A blog that presents the wonderful careers of men and women in an interesting light. Follow them and find out for yourself if this would be the career of your dreams; if this could be the day to day routine that you would enjoy day in and day out.

Welcome to the journey to Illuminate your Career!

I have been writing for more than 2 years now at my blog on the blogger account SATISFYING CAREER – HAPPIER LIFE (http://careerbright.blogspot.com ). And now it is time to move on to my own blog. The inspiration and requirement to move on and have a blog that is not dependent on other hosting sites was mentioned in a previous post on the blogger account.

Quoting from that post: “you will eventually know when to leave the comfort zone and stand on your own, but being aware of the transient reality will help you to be on your feet at all times. Always equip yourself with new knowledge, be ready to move at all times and remember to keep that shoe on. Once you do all these, change is not that frightening after all.”

It is time for that change but the theme and the main idea behind the blog remains the same. A helpful blog for one and all towards self-help articles which might inspire you to ILLUMINATE YOUR CAREER and life.