Having a job where you can create your own schedule must be the dream to some people. Knowing that you can commit to appointments, the school run and be their for every parent’s day and nativity can help you to feel much more fulfilled in life. However, we all need to earn a set amount to ensure that our own personal bills get paid, and that we can enjoy living life as well as paying for our homes. But, there are jobs out there and career options that will enable you to create your own schedule. I wanted to share with you what some of the career options are. Maybe it will inspire you to change your career.


Become a delivery driver


Driving for a living may sound quite simple, but as a self-employed driver the one thing you need to have is your own van and the van insurance to go with it. Which can be a big expense at first. However, having a career where you choose your hours and your contracts can be extremely flexible, especially when you are wanting to have a role where you can create your own schedule. Driving can be quite lucrative as in some cases you are either paid by hour or for how many drops you take and deliver.


Blogging as a career

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By now I am sure you will have heard the term blogger. While some people may wonder how you can earn a living from it others are actually doing it and pulling in some immense wages for their time and efforts. The truth is, a blog does require hard work and dedication, but this is solely on your terms. You choose your hours, when you work and what jobs you want to take on. There is money to be made in the advertising side of things and this can be really lucrative. If you are unsure how to get started there are a lot of articles online explaining the process. But it can be picked up rather quick.


Working as a tutor


If you enjoy teaching and specialize in particular subject then being a tutor could be the perfect option to help you have a career that is based around your own schedule and how much you want to work. It can be very satisfying to work with a student one a one to one basis and really monitor how far they have come.

As choosing the life of a teacher is choosing to teach future generations the skills they need to survive in the world, you might not be surprised to hear that there are many perks to the job!

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A freelance writer


freelanceWriting may be your thing, so now would be the ideal time to take that leap of faith into the world of freelance writing. You can pick up freelance jobs online through different websites or work specifically with businesses to help generate their own blog content or content for their website.

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Become a virtual assistant


Finally, if you have a string of talents from letter writing to data input then a job a virtual assistant could be the one for you. Advertising online and through social media maybe all it takes to get your new job off the ground.