The schools have begun and moms and kids are on the run!

We are on the same boat if you are a mom like me who has to pack lunch for a preschooler every morning. My main concerns for preparing and having a healthy lunch for kids include:

  • Something that is fast to prepare – no more than 15 minutes in preparation time please!
  • Healthy – no junk food
  • Easy to eat / Finger food – nothing messy or runny

Sharing with you some of my favorite quick lunch pack combos:

  • Macaroni Cheese / Yogurt / Juice
  • Sandwiches / Milk / Banana
  • Veggie Wheat Noodles / Yogurt / Juice
  • Idlis (rice cakes) / Fruit Bowl / Juice
  • Rice / Boiled Eggs / Smoothie
  • Whole Wheat Pancakes / Fresh Cut Fruits / Cheese
  • Leftovers from yesterday that they loved – helpful for those really stressed out mornings

Most of all make it fun and healthy!
If you can, do buy a lunch bag that appeals to your child, (s)he would be delighted to call it his/her own and an incentive to open it up with a smile! Or pack something colorful like a sticker or a smiley on a napkin to bring a smile on your little one’s face.

Some tips from these helpful articles on healthy eating for preschoolers:

Happy Packing!