On Organization
At home I feel most flustered when I see the living room full of toys or the closet all disheveled even after a full week of cleaning. Organization at home always seems like an endless chore, and in a house with kids, it is inevitable.
Some tips to share here, what works for me:
Toys all over – get a toy chest (which can also serve as an ottoman / table) in the living area for a quick toss in when needed. Kids love to own one and when they are declared responsible for the same, organization and clean-up follows.
Kitchen and around – make it a point to do a complete clean-up event once a year at least – you can get rid of half the stuff when you realize you don’t even use it!
Closet – hmm? Let’s not get there, that’s a whole big monster to talk about in a short blog post!

Look up some tips on quick organization:

And sometimes, just let it be, choose taking a walk outside to clearing up the mess. De-stress and energize, you are the main supporting pillar of the house, a happier you and a disorganized house is better than a grumpy mom and a spotless house.

As a working mother what are your tips on organizing your home in a few quick steps? Any comments?