How would you define a satisfying career?

Of course, it depends on individual to individual. I may enjoy doing some work which you may never even dream of doing.
These are a few answers that I got from my friends on what their main factors were that determined satisfaction at work:

  • Good salary and benefits
  • Fulfilling and inspiring work
  • Lets my creativity bloom
  • Great team to work with
  • Flexibility at work
  • Less work pressure
  • No micro management
  • I love sports and that is what I get to do at my job

The underlying crucial word that defines a satisfying career is “satisfy”, the dictionary defines this word as “to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of (a person, the mind, etc.); give full contentment”.

If you are looking for a satisfying career don’t think Googling alone can provide you the solution. Of course, searching and asking around gives options but not solutions. The solution lies within you. What satisfies you and what are your values, what is your life purpose? When you question yourself the reason and cause that gives you true satisfaction, the answer of finding a corresponding career will come. Most of the times we are looking for the right answer before asking ourselves what we really want. The essence of it all is to ask the right questions and the right answers will come. And they lie within us not somewhere outside.

Of the range of answers listed above in bullet points, which one did you like best?
I loved the last one “I love to do this and that is what I do”? Isn’t that satisfying?

How would you define your satisfying career?