Navigating the workplace is something that takes a lot of practice. Every work environment can be different, from factory floors to offices. And you’ll even find different company cultures from one office to the next. There are many sensitive issues you could come up against during your career, and some of them can have lasting effects. While some problems could be solved with a new job, others might follow you when you look for a new employer. Keep reading to find out some of the issues you could face that might affect your career if you don’t handle them well.



Not Getting along with a Coworker

Almost everyone will find themselves working with someone they don’t get on with at some point. You might just not click, or you could even actively dislike each other. Dealing with this situation can seem simple when you think about it because you might assume that you can both act like adults. However, in reality, it’s not always so easy for both of you to work together. If you don’t like a colleague, you can choose to approach the situation maturely, even if they don’t. One thing you can do is work out strategies for working with them in a way that helps to ease stress for you.


A Workplace Romance

At the other end of the scale, you might meet someone at work who you get on with very well. Workplace romances certainly aren’t uncommon; many couples meet at work. However, if you don’t handle it well, it could become messy. Some particular factors can make things complicated, like dating a superior or junior colleague, or if your relationship ends on bad terms. The most important thing to do is to be as professional as you can at work. People shouldn’t be able to tell you’re in a relationship by watching you work together.


An Accident or Injury

Having an accident or suffering an injury at work is a risk for anyone, although it’s more likely in some workplaces than others. Getting hurt at work can affect your career not just because of workplace politics. It could physically affect your ability to keep working as you were before. However, it can also mean things turn sour at work. You might need to hire a workers comp attorney to help you manage the aftermath. You might have to be out of work for a long time or unable to do the same tasks you did before. Working with your company’s HR can often be important to manage any changes smoothly, or you might benefit from help from an advocacy agency.


A Promotion You Can’t Handle

A promotion isn’t always a good thing. And accepting one you’re not ready for, or maybe don’t even want, could have a negative effect on your career. If you want to avoid taking a promotion you can’t handle, you need to think carefully about whether getting promoted is right for you. Do you want the responsibilities that will come with it? Will you enjoy it more than your current role? Will you be paid more?

It’s important to be aware of how your career could be influenced by various issues you might face. How you handle these problems is often what’s most important.