The road to work could lead some workers to change jobs, according to new research by Robert Half. The survey found 23 percent of professionals have left an occupation due to the bad commute. Additionally, one in five respondents said their commute has gotten worse over the last five years.

Companies can help alleviate the stress of long employee commutes through a few of options. Offering staggered work schedules or flexible hours can help staff members avoid peak traffic conditions. Many firms are now allowing professionals to work remotely on occasion. If workers’ responsibilities permit, giving staff the option to telecommute several days a week can help maintain productivity. Commuter benefits like subsidized public transportation or company-sponsored carpooling can also help ease the tension of a long and stressful commute.

For professionals who endure a long journey to the office, a few changes could help pass the commute time more effectively. Thinking about the day ahead or recapping the day that just occurred is good for productivity and planning. Listening to relaxing music or an audio book can help get your mind off gridlock and passing the time with a carpool buddy can make a long commute seem shorter.


Robert Half Commute