Networking Websites
Many networking websites provide the interface for interacting and improving your networking skills. LinkedIn and Ryze are such social networking sites (among various others) which can connect you to the clients or customers or recruiters who look for a match of your profile and expertise.

A friend of mine informs me of the numerous job offers and interview offers she gets out of her resume online on these websites. Recruiters, no doubt, hound such websites for professional resumes.
Can I Find You on the Web?
If you are looking for search engine optimization (SEO) articles, Google can most certainly provide you with scores of valuable ones. A few I found helpful:

If you are not confident enough to start your own SEO techniques and tweaks, there are quite a few packages and web tools available online which do the same for you, but at a price. Don’t jump into the first one you find on the first search page; research and research well.

And if you have a great website to show off, consider blogging – an essential marketing tool, not be underestimated.

Blogs are a great way to monitor and even participate in the chatter about your new site. Mike Davidson

Market Yourself- Improve Visibilty
Remember success is a lot about marketing yourself well and also finding your place on the internet. Although many forums talk about “why we need more social networking sites?”, but I say networking seldom hurts.

Networking is an essential part of building wealth. Armstrong Williams