If you are searching for a job and you now the power of networking, what would be the first question that comes to your mind when you see a suitable position advertised for your dream company ABC Inc. and now you want to apply right away?
Answer: Do I know someone who is currently at ABC Inc. to whom I can forward my resume or just ask something about the company?

Ok now how to find out who works there.. Email friends, ask other acquaintances.. what if no one can help. And of course it takes time?

Now folks at Simply Hired have found just the right way to get you connected – of course you must first be connected to LinkedIn and have some relevant contact there… but here it goes (target of this info is the Simply Hired Newsletter/website):
Simply Hired’s Who Do I Know® feature is the first integration with LinkedIn in the industry that instantly delivers an in-line view of your professional connections with potential employers. To activate the LinkedIn feature, click the “Who Do I Know” button at the top of the search results page and allow access to your LinkedIn account. Then, the names and photos of your professional connections appear automatically next to companies included in your results. Through this deep integration, SimplyHired.com encourages the referral hiring process through social networks, bringing traditional networking online.
Try it out for yourself and see who you are connected to and who could help you land your dream job.

Read Simply Hired Blog for more info.

Now who all do you know and who are you adding to your network? This is a cool integration and can add a lot of benefit to the Simply Hired jobs search site. Great Job SH team!