Welcome to the world of JobTacToe- the world’s first job-hunting game – are you ready to start playing and winning?

Since the whole online community is pretty much social and gaming is a big industry it was only about time when job search became a social game. This year saw the launch of job search as  something that was never considered before – a “game”. Yes sure, finding the right job or career is a hunt, but one that you plan from the very beginning. How about an online helper who can assist you through the process and make it fun and interactive on the way! Can the job hunting process be a game you can enjoy and a hunting adventure that is more social where you have virtual support?

Sure, I’d want to be on one – so welcome world to JOBTACTOE.COM!

According to the website:

JobTacToe’s mission is to make job search fun through the integration of career content, game functionality and community through social media connections. The integration of game mechanics, social media and job search advice creates an interactive community where the users both compete and support one another. The goal is to get everyone hired as quickly as possible and have great fun doing it.

The game might not be as simple as tic-tac-toe and not a free one but if you are any of these:

  • Someone seeking step-by-step guidance on the job search process
  • Are bored of applying for hundreds of jobs single handedly
  • Feel incredibly lonesome and emotionally taxed if you’ve been carrying on your job hunt plans for long with no support

Then this website can offer some fresh insight and offers a fun release to explore the possibilities of getting hired faster- through an online game system! But please don’t expect any animation or joy-stick handling (as of now – who knows what it evolves to in future!)

If you’re in – join in the job hunt game at: http://www.jobtactoe.com

Paid or Free

Yes, it’s not a free access job hunt game, it is paid. The website currently offers a 14 day trial period to check it out and $9.97 per month after your 14-day FREE Trial! That’s a pro – a great policy since with the millions of spammers online at least you’d be ensured of a fair ‘game’ with serious ‘players’ and a reliable service that you really need to get the dream job!

Trusting the Game

What adds to the credibility is that this is a website with CEO Stever Robbins and Micheal R Neece as the president – great guys with great background and some wonderful stories in Get-it-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More has inspired me to explore this website.

Let the Game Begin!

Go to JobTacToe. Register. Once you have your profile ready, you’re all set to go.

Now to go somewhere who do you ask for help? Of course the map – and for a hunt it is extremely important you have a retargetful one – the team at jobtactoe has prepared something exactly that will get your attention and lead you through the hunt methodically.

Here’s the MAP!


The map is the place to start. As you explore through the map – preferably step by step you’ll get the tips and retargets necessary to complete that step – the exploration and the hunt gets interesting as you add on to the points and can also compare with other players on this website – cool! Get’s my attention and keeps me involved – now the job hunt online is almost having a personal career coach guiding me through the tedious job search process.

Along the way you can access the retargets and links that make your job hunt process more effective. For example: how to present an effective resume, what goes around in background checks and references and you add on to your points as you keep completing your tasks here.

It’s a great tool or game for those who want a methodical approach to job search, or are simply bored by exploring on their own and can perhaps hit the target with some more polishing and support or for someone just starting new on job search.

As for the investment I guess it is worth the investment since you can build a pretty smart profile in just about a month and from there on you get on to the higher grounds on preparing for interviewing and getting to know what others are going through.

It Helped I’m Hired – Should I get off the game?

Now since the game does not end at you getting hired it would be a good idea to stick around for at least a month or so on this website to check out the “Employment Voyage” where you get some great retargets and info on:

– First 100 Days on The Job

–  How To Negotiate Salary

Some good points for a Gen Y employee on their first job.

At the time of writing this website is in its Beta release, I’m sure many new features will come up as the jobtactoe team works on adding new features on “players” request.

In the coming days I’ll continue to explore this website and will update as required, so check it out and do add your comments to help the community with quality testimonials for a new venture which tries it best to make your job hunt less cluttered and more exciting.