Information overload often results in more of sharing and less doing? Is that good or bad?

Twitter and other social media applications are great at sharing news and latest happenings around the world. It is now so much simpler to be an expert at something – the insightful article that people share just makes you want for more. And that’s where we get on the runway of information overload.

Have you seen yourself read more and do less in the last few months? Do you think that to be an “expert” it does not just mean that you have to know it all- that is around? If you agree then read on for we share similar thoughts.

As someone has rightly said, social media is not a media, it is a place to interact, share and build relationships. And that would work out well if we use it in the right way – not only to be lost in the deluge of great articles and news but by participating with the like-minded and within a specific niche.

Here are some tips we all can use to control being lost in the social media maze.

Personal and Professional Social Media Channels

Identify which channels you would like to keep as a medium of social personal communication and which works better for you to maintain professional contacts and discussions. Think Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Time Management

Allocate time for professional knowledge enhancement reading to whatever time fits your schedule. There’s a lot out there but when you know it is time to log off – log off. Else it becomes tougher to get out of the maze.

Emails the max Time Suckers

Emails by far take the most of our time as we begin our day. What if we did not have to read the 50 emails sitting in our inbox and instead used that time to think creatively or just to create something new that’s been on the back of our minds for long? Easier said than done or if you are as fearless as Leo Babauta to give up emails completely! Well there was a time not so far away when we did not have emails. Really.

Just one more Tip

Please don’t print out the articles or reports you like or save in your bookmarks. Chances are you would not read it any way and it severely hurts our environment.. paper wastage and the printer ink. Just give up on printing.

Doing more is often not getting more – it’s knowing how to filter what works best for you will help you get more done in the little we have.

What are your tips? Pls share in comments below.