In a recent study conducted by the US Census Bureau, individuals with a  PhD degree earns 33% more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Pursuing further education can be both daunting and fulfilling as it requires more time, effort, and dedication to achieve. Not only does it provide an additional prestige of recognition but also a better chance of landing a rewarding career in the future. You will also be able to enjoy the opportunity to  establishing more professional relationships with a network of colleagues, organizations, and field experts.
So, should you get your PhD? Read more about this below. It will help you determine whether or not a PhD is suitable for your career or goals.

Specialized Expertise, Increased Credibility

As you research on a particular topic or subject, you get to deep-dive and gain expertise in that subject. A PhD degree helps you achieve exactly this specialized knowledge that is invaluable. What would you do if you knew a particular area of your field so well that you’re considered an expert? And more important question is how would others regard you? There you go, you’re an invaluable asset to any company or college. Nowadays, there are various courses available on  how to enhance your career. With a PhD, you will sharpen your skills and expertise. You can also join professionally oriented and well-educated groups of individuals who can influence you to leverage your lifestyle and career. Thus, you are also leveraging your self-recognition and building social networks across the field.

Helps Improve Your Weaknesses

Regardless of the number of years you have been working in a specific industry, you will still
have weaknesses. If you have been managing your own business for decades, you might have
been outsourcing a legal firm or marketing agency to better take care of these facets of your
business. These areas are crucial to every business, and not being able to manage them properly
can become the reason why your business will fail.
Getting a PhD is an effective avenue for you to improve all of your weaknesses. A PhD covers a
wide variety of topics, allowing you to learn and grow holistically as an individual. When you
take up a PhD in business, for example, you will also be taught on how to improve different
areas of the business aside from the operations alone. Through a PhD, you will be provided with
lessons and hands-on experiences that can help you improve your skills in business marketing,
law, and even finance.

Higher Pay & Advantage in Employment Opportunities 

In today’s competitive world of employment, owning a PhD degree can open more opportunities in your desired career. In countries, including the United States and Germany, PhDs are seen as an important high-level qualification that  leads to a diverse range of careers. In fact, getting a PhD in fields such as biomedical science, pharmaceutical sciences, finance, and law are worth the investment. Not to mention,  PhD holders in STEM fields can earn as much as $20,000 more in private companies than those who stay in academia.

Other Ways to Get a PhD in Today’s Online Age

Thanks to technology, there are a variety of ways to earn a PhD degree, such as PhD by Publication and Distance Learning. In PhD by Publication, the process is done by submitting and presenting books, journal articles, and other published works to an academic committee. Since PhDs are mainly based on independent research and studies rather than seminars and lectures, distance learning has been an ideal way for students to balance their careers and family life.
Getting a PhD is more than just creating a dissertation. It is a product of hard work, patience, skills, and passion for your chosen field. The time and effort you spent may seem overwhelming, but obtaining your PhD degree will be all worth it.