When talking about showing appreciation at work, it is assumed that we must be talking about the employer, or the manager praising or acknowledging the employee.

Though appreciation and acknowledgement is an essential aspect of management feedback and helps in maintaining a healthy employee-employer relationship, employees must also use this essential skill and etiquette at work with co-workers and managers.
What are the immediate benefits that you get out of acknowledging and thanking a deserving work?
You build a good reputation get in the good books of your co-workers and manager. Even when working with difficult people, a small positive gesture from your side can have a pleasant effect making your workplace a better place.

Show appreciation to your mentors in the company and those co-workers who have been of help either helping you writing a code for the project, or taking care of your work load when you were away on a long break.

Some ways to show appreciation or offering a helping hand to your colleagues:

  • Ask them about their work load. Is there some way you could help them if you had a few spare hours?
  • If your colleague needs feedback on a forthcoming presentation in a company expo or other meetings, spare a few minutes to earnestly listen and give constructive feedback.

Some ideas in case you are in the mood for thanking your colleague or manager with a small gift:

  • Gift cards for book stores
  • Books or CDs that your co-worker would love to have
  • Candies or small goodies for co-workers kids

We all are busy at work, but we can spare some moments for this essential etiquette at workplace, Some small gestures that bring a little sunshine in one’s life are always welcome. It fosters a healthy working environment and brings goodwill to the heart. And when the next time you ask for a favor, it would be hard for them to say ‘no’!

What are the advantages of showing appreciation at work?
– Well doing good makes you feel good and what goes around comes around.
– And of course, more people will like you, don’t we all want that?

A good deed goes a long way. Appreciate someone today and make their day. Why are we hesitant in showing our good self or the being a helper at work, after all we spend more than half of our waking hours at work, lets strive to make it a happier place for ourselves and for others as well.