A client recently consulted on a situation she’s facing at her workplace. This is an open question / discussion to the career experts and managers out there on how considerate or tolerant one can be at the workplace to accommodate occasional slip-ups.

Your comments / advice / suggestions  are welcome on this one please:



Client (Employee at a global IT firm):
I had an early morning call on Tuesday morning with the team I am working with in Europe, this was a 6:30 morning call since a few other groups were also involved and I had to lead the discussion on a current project. I am one of the leads on this project. Monday night my little daughter fell sick and I was almost up all night tending after her, feeling not too good myself I did not wake up to the alarm – I guess I shut off the alarm and swayed back to sleep and jolted when realization dawned that I had a meeting that morning.
By the time I splashed my face and launched the online meeting (around 7:15 am) there was no one there on the other end. I shot an email and apologized for what had gone wrong but during that time, the manager on the Europe team had already shot an email to me and copied my boss on it informing on how they had waited for 15 minutes then called my cell phone and got no answers. Obviously they were not happy with what happened that day but did not wait to hear back from me before ranting off to my boss.
I admit it was not completely professional on my part but was not also under my control. My boss of course now shares similar opinion on this issue that perhaps what I said later was just an excuse! I hear the manager in Europe and my boss have worked together before and are good friends. It’s not a matter of who is to blame here but the point is it has soured some relationships and if they can’t trust me on what I had to tell things are not the same as before.

What would you tell me or ……………


Please add your comments and advice this person and perhaps many others in who could encounter similar situations.