Be a team player; build a supportive relationship with co-workers. Good interaction amongst your own group will help in generating good vibes and a good team to work with makes a great place to work in. Offer taking up project responsibilities for your colleagues / co-workers who wish to go on vacation. Being a team player and a good colleague has its value and who knows when you have to take a vacation or a break and then you might not need to even ask for a cover-up, the offer will come before you can ask. What goes around comes around.

Show appreciation at work not only to your colleagues but also to the managers and the receptionist or others that you come in daily contact with at your workplace. Don’t shy away from doing something nice for a colleague today, the time you spend at office is more than that you spend at socializing elsewhere, you would be pleasantly surprised how satisfying you can make your workplace by random acts of appreciation, help and giving.

Respect cultural differences and colleagues with a different work style. With a diverse work force part of every country’s work culture you may very well be working in a group of 10 people with no two colleagues of same country. The style of coding and the communication stream may be different from yours, but consider it an opportunity to learn from others rather than undermining their efforts or lack of communication abilities. Rather be a supportive co-worker and encourage them to enhance their communication skills and also be open to learn from them. Respect and acknowledgement are essential for a healthy relationship, be it in an office environment or or your personal life.