Looking to expand your career horizons? A master’s degree can help skyrocket your income and lead to new opportunities. However, time and retargets are often a factor when entering into a higher education program. Although many degree programs take years to complete and require on-campus visits, you can also focus on securing a degree online to save time and retargets while still getting a quality education.

Get started by learning about some of the most popular higher ed programs and how they can put your career on the fast track.


Business professionals looking to take their career to new levels can look to higher education for credentials that convert to more significant paydays. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) teaches students technical, managerial and leadership skills. Despite the value of the degree, it’s also highly flexible. Employers value MBA graduates across a wide variety of industries.


Marketing professionals looking to refine their knowledge base, skills and credentials pursue a Masters in Marketing (MSM). Grad students learn more about consumer behavior, digital media and the most up-to-date practices and strategies. An MSM is ideal for anyone who wants to work in the business side of creative marketing best practices.


A Master of Public Administration (MPA) works similarly to an MBA. MPA holders focus on public works and administration. A well-regarded degree is ideal for those who want to work in government, at a nonprofit or other areas of public service. Those who earn an MPA can expect to learn more about public policy issues and how they apply to different public sectors. 


Creatives who are looking to turn their passion into a career can look to Masters of Fine Arts or MFAs. You can focus on different areas with an MFA, including creative writing, graphic design, filmmaking and dance, among other mediums. MFAs are considered among the highest degrees in the field, and many pursue the credentials to obtain professor roles at the university level.


Teachers and professionals working in a school setting often seek a Master’s of Education (MEd) online. There are usually different concentrations offered, including an MEd in Reading, MEd in Educational Leadership and an MEd in Special Education. You can even specialize in dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities. 

Some MEd candidates also use their degrees to pursue training and development careers in corporations and small businesses. Your degree can also be used for school and career counseling with the right specialization.


A Masters of Engineering, or MEng degree, can help with product design, product development and engineering design. You’ll take tech-based courses, core industry prep courses and areas including marketing and finance. Candidates walk away with a more robust understanding of how engineering applies to industries and business growth, not simply the technical applications. 


A Masters of Science (MSc) focuses on the graduate-level study of science or technology. Most candidates will ultimately do independent research and present a thesis. A Master of Science can help prepare you for a job in data science, software engineering, data analyst, technical project managers and more.

Ready to Earn a Higher Ed Degree?

However you decide to pursue your higher education goals, you can find an online program that works for you. Save yourself time and money, and advance your career faster with higher education options that take your aspirations to new levels.