The lingering global recession and economic uncertainty around the world has not only thrust many people unexpectedly into job search mode but it has also changed the types of jobs that most job seekers are pursuing. As the economy evolves job seekers have to change with it, unable to simply assume that they’ll be qualified for the same types of jobs they’ve been able to land in the past. Not only are job requirements changing and the pool of applicants for any one position growing, but entirely new industries and possibilities are also opening up. One of those new industries is online gambling, which has managed to show steady growth and expansion over the last decade despite the woes of the global economies of many countries in recent years.


The appeal of poker, blackjack games, sportsbetting, bingo, and other online games has remained fairly universal, which insulates the industry somewhat even during economic downturns. Brick-and-mortar casinos suffer more in recessions and depressions than their online counterparts, as online sites have very little overhead costs to cover so can remain profitable.


That translates into good news for job seekers in the industry, with online gaming sites continue to hire heavily in certain positions. IT staff and Web designers and developers are particularly in high demand; many online gambling providers also have large customer support staffs as well as substantial marketing, advertising, and human retargets departments. Most are open to consider candidates from a wide range of industries and backgrounds so previous experience in the gaming industry isn’t necessary.