If you’ve snuck a glance at Facebook or surfed the web during work hours, you’re not alone. 7 in every 10 employees are disengaged at the office—and completing personal tasks during work time is the number one symptom of distracted workers.

What you may not realize is that your behavior is your brain’s way of telling you that something is wrong (and that it’s more serious than a desire to see cute memes). More than likely, your actions suggest a lack of fulfillment in the workplace. Since your work is unchallenging or unappreciated, you engage in personal tasks that give you greater satisfaction than being completely engaged at work.

Unfortunately, this Band-Aid solution isn’t doing anything to help your career—or your morale. Research shows that employees who enjoy and engage with their work are more likely to produce good results, advance in their careers, and express greater overall happiness on the job. Staying engaged at work is essential for productivity and to finding satisfaction at work.

This cool illustration from Company Folders is designed to help you reconnect with your work, so you can truly enjoy your job and engaged at work. You’ll learn what really causes you to disengage, what you need from your workplace, and the four motivational styles that will keep you connected to the task at hand.