Do you have a support group? This question was popped to me a few days back by my mentor. At first I did not think much about it … but in retrospect, yes, I need a career support group.

So as usual what do I do, I ‘Googled’ it. Some relevant articles did come up but most of them were about the support groups with people with some disabilities, disorders and all.
To spare you from the extra few seconds you might use to type in the search, here are some relevant articles I did find:

My question now, do you have one? I don’t; as of now.
As I research a few other ways to form a career oriented support group, it would help if you have any suggestions on how to start such a support group, please do let me know.

To begin a discussion, please post your comments below. And we may well be on the way to begin our own congruent support group!