Regardless of your chosen career or occupation, there’s a good chance you’ll aspire to reach the top. Along the way, there are bound to be several obstacles and it’ll take a lot of hard work, but eventually the opportunity to be a manager might fall to you.


Leadership qualities

What makes a good leader, though? Can anybody succeed in this position or does it take a certain type of person? And who would be a manager?

Whether you’re looking for executive positions or project manager jobs in Scotland, read on to discover what some of the most important leadership attributes are as well as some of the positives and pitfalls of being in charge.

Lead by example — More often than not, there’s a reason why a particular person has been placed in charge. Rather than resting on one’s laurels, though, a good manager should lead by example and be a role model to other employees. A team is less likely to follow commands if their leader isn’t doing the same.

Acknowledge and encourage — although any good manager will recognize what’s missing or lacking, positive results also need to be acknowledged. Leaders should praise staff on their work and provide regular feedback too. This can lead to (even more) favorable results in the future.

Be self-aware and vulnerable — Nobody’s perfect. Even head honchos make mistakes from time to time, but a good leader will admit to errors of judgment and take full responsibility for their actions. Staff will feel a lot more comfortable if you’re an honest manager and are bound to work better under a sincere leader.


Why be a manager?


Sense of achievement — If you’re selected for a management role, you can look back on all that hard work and wholehearted commitment with a sense of satisfaction. The extra hours might not seem like much fun at the time, but in the end you’ve reached the highest level possible.

Having said that, it can get lonely at the top, you won’t necessarily receive immediate reinforcement and not everybody likes their boss.


Authority and power — To a certain extent, a leader’s power comes from the willingness of staff to work towards goals and targets. As a manager, though, you’ll be trusted with several important decisions that only someone of your standing and knowledge can make.

However, such great responsibilities and heavy burdens can be quite stressful and demanding. The buck stops at the boss and in times of difficulty or hardship you alone have to face the music.


Remuneration — In all likelihood, you’ll make more money in a managerial position compared to other roles and positions. And who wouldn’t say no to a bit of extra cash at the end of each month?

But even though the additional financial benefits of climbing the ladder are gratifying, remember that you’re getting paid more for a reason.


Who would be a manager?

There are numerous advantages and merits of being a manager, but these don’t always work in your favor. Sometimes it takes a certain personality or character to lead a group of individuals too. But if you’ve managed to make it to the top, you should have the capacity to take on board the most important qualities of a good leader.


About the guest post author:

Ron Whiting is a senior manager and has worked for several large multinational corporations.

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