There aren’t many people out there who couldn’t do with more money. Few of us dream of being rich, but having enough to get by would be ideal. That shouldn’t be too much to ask, but it often feels as though it is. Prices are rising, and wages aren’t keeping up. As such, more of us are stumbling into problems when it comes to making our money work. Yet, we’re working harder than ever. If your payslip isn’t reflecting the effort you put in, it might be time to take control of your earnings. Here are a few ways to do it.

Using Initiative

Using your initiative in the workplace could be the best way to see an increase in wages. But, you need to tread carefully. You could take it upon your shoulders to go above and beyond in hopes of getting a promotion. The risk here is that your manager won’t notice your efforts. They may be too busy or have their sights set on other candidates. If you feel that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with setting up a meeting and asking for a pay rise. It’s something few of us consider because it’s a difficult subject to broach. But, if you do it in the right way, you should be successful. Rather than ignoring your efforts, managers often have so much to consider that they miss them altogether. So, set your case out in a way that’s sure to get their attention. You could go about this whatever way you want. It may be an idea to outline all the things you’ve done that are above and beyond your calling. But, make sure they are above and beyond tasks. Otherwise, you may come across as a martyr! Or, you could take an honesty route. Explain to your boss that you love your job, but you’re struggling to make it work financially. Chances are, you can come to an agreement.


Rates you can Dictate

Or, maybe you want more control than that. Many jobs where you can work at home allow you to dictate your rate of pay. So, your earnings will, quite literally, be in your hands. You won’t have to wait for a boss to up your pay this way. Options include freelance writing, graphic design, and website development. All these offer you a chance to develop your own clear price list. Bear in mind that you need to compete with others in the field. Do your research to ensure you’re charging realistic rates.


Different Revenue Streams

Or, you might want to stay in employment and still improve your finances. A fantastic way to do this is to look into different revenues. People who dip into different incomes have the best chance of making the most money. Consider things you could do on the side. You could sell something you make, or start a blog. It may take up extra time, and effort but in the long run you’ll be glad you added another stream to your income. But remember that it all takes times, there has to be some investment and patience from your end to see the results.
It’s not easy, but it can be done!


Image credit: pexels