Work from home is here to stay. 2020 has taken work and learn from home to a new level which saw the whole family at home scheduling their day around work, cooking, school, play and relaxation. All these activities were mostly aided through a screen! So for sure, one phrase which we all conveniently ignored last year was ‘less screen time please’ – sorry, that’s not happening!

Now that we’re spending a large amount of our time on screen, we better make sure that the family is well equipped for work and school. Check out these work from home essentials tech that you should evaluate this year to ensure smooth and efficient work and learning.

Laptops and Computers

Now that work, study and fun is all online, the whole family needs their own personal devices. Laptops are most preferred since they give you and your family the option to work from anywhere in the home, or even the bed if it comes to that! Research and learn more on the best deals on laptops that help you and your family work or attend school efficiently.


So you might not have expected this to be second on the list, but for some families this could be an essential item. Not all of us are working from large houses with huge office space or dens. There are numerous distractions, from kids, pets or a spouse taking meetings from the room nearby. You need that block of productive time when you have to get away from these distractions. A good noise cancelling headphone can be a boon here. It would be a good investment now, because when you need to get that urgent project done before the deadline, you know you can remain focused.

Wi-Fi Router

Ahh Wi-Fi, it’s an essential for survival now. Streaming, Zooming, playing and connecting, we’re 24/7 and we all desire a smooth and reliable internet connection. Our smart devices need Wi-Fi. No one wants to deal with the havoc and unrest a weak home WiFi can create! And above all with more people using the WiFi at the same time, you must ensure that there is ample coverage throughout the home. Update your aging WiFi router or buying a WiFi mesh system might be the steps in the right direction. You can also buy a range extender to increase coverage of your existing WiFi router to improve performance of your connected devices. However, before you buy one look up the reviews to find the best performance options for your devices and needs.


Although this might not be in the tech tools list, but often lighting can influence our productivity. Not all rooms might be getting the natural light during the day, or rainy and wintry days can be the reason for a depressing work environment. Invest is a good desk light or ambient lighting in your room to improve concentration and add more happiness to the work day. Here are some ideas on home office lighting to make work from home bright and focused.


As you gear up to work from home, make safety and security a priority, all the time. Here are some cybersecurity tips to consider to stay safe when online.