The business world can be an unpredictable and highly competitive place, and the fate of your career depends entirely on your ability to fight for every advancement opportunity. Working your way up the corporate ladder takes ambition and perseverance. If you want to be the best, you have to be willing to work hard and prove yourself in order to stand out from the crowd. Here’s how to work your way up the corporate ladder.


1. Bring visibility to your work

Even if you’re the hardest working person in the entire company, your potential is destined to go unnoticed forever unless you can somehow find a way to demonstrate proof of your efforts. In order to make your employers take notice of your abilities, it is essential you claim rightful recognition for a job well done. Allowing others to take credit for your work could keep you stuck at the bottom of the corporate ladder for years, so speak up and show pride in your achievements. In an environment where everybody is out for number one, only you have the power to get yourself noticed.
Be proactive and take initiative about your performance reviews. Communicate regularly with your boss – know and deliver on expectations.


2. Broaden your skill set

Do you ever feel as though a lack of relevant skills could be holding you back from working your way up the corporate ladder? It’s never too late to stop learning, and there are many different ways to improve your knowledge of the business sector. Be it a course in finance, management or technical know-how, to keep moving forward is essential to any growth. Studying the foreign exchange market is one way you could increase your value in a corporate environment. Engaging with an educational organisation such Learn to Trade could provide you with the skills and expertise to successfully navigate foreign currency markets, via their Forex Trading Course. With increased knowledge of such a potentially profitable area of business, you can probably influence financial decisions of your company which can lead to better profits or better decisions to a financially strong organization. The more you help your company grow, the more you’ll grow.

Your skills are the best security you can take along in your career. Keep building on it and new paths will present themselves before you. With quite a few tech companies in the Silicon Valley, an MBA in California can take you higher in your career.


3. Push yourself

Even if there are days when the stress of corporate life seems overwhelming and any possibility of being promoted feels hopelessly out of reach, it’s crucial you never stop pushing yourself or lose sight of your long-term goals. Envision your rise to the top and behave as though you could be the next boss of the company. Success doesn’t always happen overnight, and perseverance is the key to successful career advancement, even if you have to climb the corporate ladder one rung at a time.
The more we get out of our comfort zone, the more we open new doors to ourselves, there’s more out there but know where to go. There have been many instances in lives of successful individuals when doing something different and taking a risk were the main reason to attain achievement and satisfaction in what they did? Go out and explore and don’t let fear stop you.


4. Take initiative

Taking initiative in the workplace is one of the most effective methods for advancing your corporate position. Rather than leaving the success of your career in the hands of luck, seize any opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, even if it means going above and beyond the expectations of your employer. Whether you take it upon yourself to work late or help colleagues who’re struggling to keep up with their workload, your efforts are sure to be taken into consideration when the next opportunity for a promotion becomes available.
Taking initiative is what leadership is all about. Today one the most desired skill set in any industry is to be able to work independently, to think differently – be innovative and have good leadership skills. Take on the initiative of not only helping yourself up the ladder of success but help others along the way. Being humble, respectful and helpful are some traits that will never go out of fashion and will be the most important elements helping you move up any corporate ladder you come across.

And most importantly, don’t try to be who you are not. Genuine hard work, pleasing personality, helpful nature and passion for what you do goes a long way, every time. Advancing your career doesn’t have to an impossible task; all it takes is a little dedication.