What makes me really really happy? All or any of these below:

  • The happiness and squealing delight of my child.
  • A crisp fresh breeze that makes me smile.
  • A spontaneous dance to a great beat song / music.
  • The beautiful spring bloom in the garden or to see the glorious flowers sprouting from the bulbs I planted last year.
  • A good exercise that makes me sweat and the adrenalin pumps to give that feel-good effect.
  • Oh, and shopping also but let’s keep that away and stick on to the theme – free.

I stopped to read the above points I have listed and thought, what would you think about the second to last point I have there – about exercising? Hmm, would you think, this person goes to the gym and still lists it as something “free”? Had me thinking…..

Though gym is one way of exercising when you are not getting enough out of working at home, but it is not free, right? But if you are indeed working out a lot at your household chores, perhaps it is the best free exercise you can get. Only a fraction of people on this planet go to gym to burn out fat or get the heart thumping faster. Think on a global scale, most of the human race is not obese, they don’t work out in gyms or go to personal trainers, and their daily workout comes out of daily chores and walking around to get the chores done. So next time when you are scrubbing that stubborn stain off, think of it as a great biceps exercise and vacuuming is a great tone up exercise… and .. Oh well, let’s just get to the bottom line — The best things in life are indeed free!