With the changing economy, changing marketplace, and the changing planet, it is no surprise that so many folks are facing career changes and searching for their next path to financial security.  Many of the currently unemployed have found their jobs outtargetd to other areas of the world, or have lost jobs because their company has recently been downsized.  Perhaps some got tired of their old jobs, are learning a new trade or skill to be used in a new career.

On the surface of things, it may seem difficult to have to change, but if you look deeper in, you can probably find many reasons to look on the bright side of career change, forced or otherwise. In fact, if you are completely honest with yourself, it may be that your former job was getting a little stale or maybe you never really liked your job in the first place.

What everyone wants to know is: how to make the transition without running into financial hardship situations. How can we enter a new stream of abundance, “change horses in the middle of the stream”, without getting wet?

There has never been a better time for a Career Change

Why is this true? Because of the extent of the change that is happening in the world, across the board.  There are so many new possibilities in so many new areas, that the employment field is rife with opportunity– If you know where to look.

Here are three great tips to help you make a graceful transition to a rewarding new career:

1.  Develop Your Internet Skills

The information explosion has made opened up new career opportunities using expert internet skills, journalism, marketing, and even blogging as a way to earn a full or supplemental income online.  You can find training easily for any of these skills through courses that are offered—sometimes for free–over the internet by doing a simple search.

You could type into the search window on Google: “Learn internet marketing”, “become an affiliate marketer” or “learn web graphics and design”.  These are just a few suggested keywords you can use to get you started. There are many more depending on your area of personal interest.

2.  Green jobs

Employment opportunities are opening up that didn’t exist a year ago.  If you can find a good training program—sometimes you can even find a grant to help pay for training in a green career–you can often put yourself ahead of the pack by becoming knowledgeable in a green-related job.

Specializing in green home remodeling is big right now as is having expertise in solar and green energy-type installation.  Becoming knowledgeable about ways to help businesses go green and getting hired on as part of their “Green Team”, is another great tip. Again, a search in Google under “green jobs” will yield results that you can tailor to your particular interest.

3.  Start a Small Business

Starting that brain-child business that you have been dreaming of may not be as far-fetched a goal as it once seemed. Start changing your mind about how you can get there.

Do some hard research on the market you want to enter and you may find yourself changing horses to accommodate an emerging trend. Your idea may start out looking one way, but after doing a bit of research, you may find something more appropriate to today’s market.

Let’s face it: change is never easy.  It can be unsettling, uncertain and uncomfortable for a while, but using good old “horse sense” can keep your financial life from being swept away in the flood of the economic downturn…in fact, you can learn how to keep your income stream flowing while you stay high and dry.

This is a Guest Post by Dora Varis
Dora is a writer and psychologist with a passion for education.  She also enjoys blogging for a Criminal Justice Careers website.