Your job should always be treating you right. You’re entitled to come into a workplace that respects you and treats you with dignity. But, we’ve all been in those workplaces that just offer non of that. Some are truly terrible establishments to work for. Have you ever been in that one job where all the bosses seem to treat you like rubbish, talk down to you, tell you off? Generally grind you down until you feel worthless in your role? Well, unfortunately a lot of us have been. It is hard to find a job where you’re always treated right. But some of you might just be oblivious to the fact you aren’t being treated right. We’re here to outline some of the telltale signs that you either need to do something about it, or leave your job completely.


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The Conditions


The conditions of some establishments are just terrible. They’re cold, they’re damp, there’s hazards left right and centre, and in fact, a lot of them are breaking so many different laws. But they carry on under the radar because nobody ever reports them. It is cheaper for them to leave working conditions poor, than to spend the money doing the place up and making it nice. The economy is business is so terrible and competitive, it is easy to see why company owners do this. But the effect this has on your working day is just terrible. If they are cold and damp enough, they can even see you getting ill more often than not. This rings more true if you’re working in a warehouse setting, these always seem to be the worst and have the most hazards. This leads us to our next point of knowing whether you’re being treated right. Are you exposed to injuries 24/7 that could otherwise not be there if your bosses were taking more care? Well, a lot of places have this issue, and a lot of workers are injured on a daily basis. But a lot won’t claim due to the fact they feel as though they’ll lose their job. If this is true for you, you need to take action rather than worrying about your job. You can see how to file a workers compensation claim here. If you’re worried about losing your job, you really shouldn’t be. If you get fired for putting in a claim, you can easily take the company to court for unfair dismissal. Just you taking action could help to improve the safety and overall working conditions of everyone in the role.


The Hours


The hours you work are always going to be long. Even if you work a 9-5, the day will always feel like it is dragging. Unless of course you absolutely love your job and can’t wait to get into work everyday, then you’re a lucky person. But it is usually the case in some jobs that people are being overworked to the point that it is making them ill. Unfortunately, this seems a lot more common for foreign workers. Their services are abused by our company owners, and they’re working such long hours. There is a legal limit of hours you’re allowed to work in a day, and a legal amount of hours rest you’re allowed to have before you come into your next shift. If your company isn’t abiding by that, you can easily take them to court for the pressure they’re putting on your life, and the health issues they are going to be causing by not letting you get enough rest. Getting enough rest is so important to the normal running of our body. Don’t let yourself be overworked


The Managers


We all know that one horrible manager that you just can’t stand to be around. The one that constantly talks down to you and makes you do all the terrible tasks. The one that makes you absolutely hate coming into work. Well, it is often the case that people such as line managers are acting out of line without the big bosses even knowing they’re doing so. They get a bit power hungry, and when their bosses aren’t around they start to use that power against you. But as we said, we all know how much it can affect our working lives. The best thing you can do is talk to their boss about their actions to try and get something done about it. If that doesn’t work, the only thing you can do is start sticking up for yourself and pointing out when they’re treating you wrong. If you lose your job over it, there’s always plenty more going and you’ll be better off somewhere else.