Whether it is the 360 degree feedback to the employees or the managers or the personal one-on-one performance appraisal, it is time to revisit your goals and perform a detailed work analysis at the middle of the year. If you are working towards a bonus, salary raise or just want to remain in the “not-in-the-layoff” list; continuous self-development and keeping track of your performance is the key to success and ensures that no surprises jump on you at the time of the year-end appraisal.
It is also the time to familiarize yourself on any new changes to the appraisal forms or just to look around if the goals are still consistent with your present work. Also look up the performance management system if your manager has added any comments in the last few months to your review or added new goals that you are unaware of.

The point is that – Do not wait for the year-end review as the main measure of your performance, it needs to be done regularly. Analyze yourself on such points:

  • How much and what steps have you taken to develop your skills in the first half of the year?
  • How have you contributed towards increased productivity of your group or project?
  • Have you analyzed your (or your groups) training needs?
  • How have you become a better worker?
  • Where are you on the defined goals for the year?

And of course other topics that are relevant to your job. A detailed analysis and documenting your accomplishments will keep you on track and gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a diligent and committed employee.
Also remember that it is an employee’s responsibility to be proactive and keep track of their own performance management, the management provides the tools. Also read some tips here on how to give effective performance reviews to employees.

Benefits to the Employer

Keeping track of employee talent management on a regular basis ensures good performance and better retention rate for employers. Good managers ensure placing the right people at the right position and keeping track of employee talent and performance enables companies to perform better.

Regular performance review, talent management and feedback from the management are one of the key reasons to retain good talent. Employees feel frustrated when they see no feedback, appreciation or when there appears no scenario of being involved or being a part of the company they work for. Such examples are more and more evident as the Millennials enter the workforce, constant and effective feedback cycles are truly essential to the health of an organization. Management and HR must be diligent to provide good training on the performance management systems and also taking time to time feedback from the employees on how they feel about the present system.

In the next post I shall discuss how one company is presenting and improving upon an effective employee appraisal and talent management system.