There is little doubt that if you want to forge a career in the modern workplace, having some usable computer skills is a real must, and if you can demonstrate your dexterity with a keyboard, there will be some useful doors opening for you.

If you want to get the lowdown on some of the tech skills that could take your career to new heights, here is a list of what sort of things will look good on your resume.


Essential Skills


Although often overlooked, typing is considered as a hard skill, and in the digital age this skill often separates the wheat from the chafe. It is also a skill that is easily improved no matter what stage of development you are at. You can test your typing speed at Typisto to see where you are at right now. Another hard skill is computer programming or coding, a skill that can be practiced outside of formal education and constantly improved.

Even if your career has nothing to do with software or data, as more and more modalities increasingly rely on technology, from engineering to design to charity work, digital proficiency will increasingly become a determining factor in who gets the job.


Can you modify macro scripts?


One of the most universally recognized programs is Microsoft Office and many workers will have a certain element of familiarity with the workings of Word, PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets, but it is the extent of your knowledge that can help you to stand out from the crowd.

For example, being able to create a document using Word is not exactly a unique skill, but if you are able to modify macro scripts and format documents with ease, that is a different matter.

The same scenario applies to how familiar you are with the workings of Microsoft Excel, where the ability to be able to create complex macros, is something that could make the difference in a job interview.

If you can perform advanced functions with the family of Microsoft Office products and other well-known software programs, this is definitely going to help get you hired.


Mass-migration to The Cloud


Cloud computing is widely regarded as the way forward in modern business systems, so it is essential to your career prospects that you are able to display a decent degree of competency when it comes to all things cloud related.

Being able to use cloud-based tech tools and making the most of things like Dropbox or Google Drive, will show that you understand the relevance and importance of cloud-computing and won’t have to be chained to a desk to be able to access and produce documents in an instant.


Graphic design skills


While you might argue that being a graphic designer is a career path in its own right, there is definitely some merit to having some graphic design skills to call upon.

Many of us are posting content and images online and if you get involved in blogging or posting on social media, which is a good percentage of us, being able to create and edit content with confidence will again be a skill that can help you to stand out.

If you get yourself familiar with some apps like Picmonkey and Canva, amongst others, this should help you to hone some of creative skills and it will also demonstrate to others that you are prepared to learn and develop your talents.


The workplace is a very competitive environment and having some highly relevant computer skills, will definitely boost your chances of landing a top job.