If you look into your office floor and realize that your entire team of workers is a band of misfits, then you might be thinking about closing down your business or firing all of them. However, we usually have to make do with what we get. There could be some circumstances such as a bad location that prevent us getting the employees that we want but, sadly, there’s really not much we can do about that aside from moving our entire business, a cost that very few owners can afford.

So what are your options? You could, as mentioned before, fire everyone. That would involve recruiting an entirely new team of people and your business could slow to a halt as you make the transition, not to mention the ridiculous costs of interviewing and hiring a new team. But the better option is to motivate your employees and train them to become the professionals you always wanted. To help improve the productivity of your employees, here are a few tips.


Monitor Their Performance

You should never get in their face about monitoring their performance, but it’s always a good idea to show some enthusiasm when you speak to your workers. In other words, show that you care about their work and what they’re doing. When you go for a coffee break and leave your own office, take a stroll around your building and speak to some of your members of staff. Check up on them, ask if they need any help, and genuinely express some interest in what they are doing. They are your staff, after all, so you need to build up relations with them and monitor how they are performing.


Team-Building Exercises

Take your employees out for a trip to a team-building exercise. Monitor their ability to work as a team with team building performance management software as well. Whatever you do, make sure they engage with each other and develop relationships so that they can trust each other to do different jobs and work together as a team. It’s important that you remind them that they aren’t alone. You work as a group, so if someone needs help it’s the group’s duty to give that person a hand. If one person in the group is slacking or isn’t working, then it brings the entire company down.


Work on Their Morale

Motivation is extremely important when it comes to team morale. If your workers aren’t motivated to do their jobs, then there’s no chance your business could ever grow. However, sometimes that motivation doesn’t stem from their ability to work or lack of enthusiasm. Sometimes you just need to get involved and motivate them yourself. For starters, give your workers a reason to believe in you. Whether it’s a promise of expanding your company and giving them promotions, or your passion to create new products and provide a service to the world that no other company could, there are many ways to give your employees the motivation they need to believe in you and your company.